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Common Rail Injector Test Machine SD_1000

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  • MaterialInjector coupler, Bosch Injector Pipe, Spare Hose, Cable
  • Size590 * 780 * 1400 mm
  • Weight130 kg

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Common Rail Injector Test Machine SD-1000


It is a necessary machine for repairing and testing the performance of Common Rail Injector which is an essential part of Diesel vehicle's engine.
A big Injector Test Machine is miniaturized and user oriented interface is installed so that general car centers and specialized repair centers can easily test and repair.
The price of the test machine is reduced significantly and can be alternative to advanced level Injector test machines.


  1. Test various injectors (Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Piezo)
  2. Measure accurately owing to only one injector (1 ea injector) testing designation.
  3. Test injectors for large (commercial) vehicles
  4. Confirming accurately injection quantity, back-leak quantity, injection shape and back-fire of the injector.
  5. Low pressure / Medium pressure / High pressure / Pilot Test
  6. Using Pressure: 100 ~ 1,350 bar. Using the pressure up to 1,600 bar
  7. Required channel can be freely selected as memory function is equipped
  8. Users can adjust pulse, pressure and counter freely.
  9. Pressure is the same as an actual vehicle’s due to Rail pressure adjusted by the feedback of pressure sensor


  • 110V / 220V Both are available.
  • 590mm*780mm*1400mm / 130 kg


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Common Rail Injector Test Machine SD_1000